Hi There! :p

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So, new here, (Hi! xD)

I'm danish, gay, and somehow whinded up with a friend of mine telling me I looked like a guy.. I don't think so, but I think it funny though.. :P Just because I looooove ties..

I think my dad sees me as 'confused'.. Even though I had a girlfriend for almost a year.. (after we broke up he asked if I'd slept with a guy yet... And my family really should only at the most ask, who I kissed or something?)
It's weird, as soon as I came out to him he told me to 'try' a girl and a boy. He politely asked his 15 yearold daughter to have sex. Kinda creepy ? Oh yeah!
That's almost 3 years ago, and I still havn't slept with a guy.


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Eck. Sorry you have to deal

Eck. Sorry you have to deal with that kinda dad!!

So, hi! :)

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Yeah me too.. He's nice n

Yeah me too.. He's nice n all.. Just weird.. xD I'm thinking he wants granchildren in the future the 'proper' way?

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Yeah, that is wierd when

Yeah, that is wierd when people tell you to "try both".

'Oh Brave New World!'
- Brave New World
I think...

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Indeed, you kinda want to

Indeed, you kinda want to whack 'em one. Thanks but no thanks? xD

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Haha, that'd be the LAST

Haha, that'd be the LAST thing my dad would ask. My dad has this paranoia/ over protectiveness that most fathers have about their daughters and dating. Not that I really count as a "daughter" anymore but that's besides the point. I think my dad breathed a sigh of relief when I told him I was gay. XD

Welcome to oasis! :3

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Heya there and welcomes.

Heya there and welcomes. =)
My father's in denial. When I brought my first girlfriend (turned-ex, now) over to my house just to hang around, he was shooting her these really intense *I'm watching you* looks, though, so he might be subconciously aware...but whenever I bring up the fact I wanna be taller, he always says it gets hard to find a boy when you get taller...but the guys are all taller anyways, so yeah, whatever.

Oh, I love ties too.

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Hey welcome! I love ties

Hey welcome! I love ties too.

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Yeah that's always kinda creepy...

When i came out to my mom that was like the first thing she said, very strange and even more awkward.

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welcome! also, i love ties

welcome! also, i love ties too. i have a pretty good collection. i dont like women's ties tho.

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