i dont know what to call this but im not good at titling anyways so i dont care

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am i the only one who sniffs their laundry after it comes out of the dryer? it just smells so good so i cant resist. i dont know what it is. i only bought the detergent that i did because i had a coupon.

today i went to the bar with my roommate and her workmates. we sometimes go on fridays. i kinda have a couple of people to talk to there but not too many. it works out. i kind of wonder if the waitresses there hate me because all i ever order is water. its not just a bar tho. its also part restaurant. im sure its annoying. oh well.

i might be going to a bonfire tomorrow. i enjoy them immensely but i have to work in the morning so i at least have to leave early. it might not even be happening so it'll be interesting to see.

im also going to hang out with my friends at an icecream shop tomorrow. always fun. anything involving icecream is fun. and my one friend is coming home for the weekend and i'll get to see her. very exciting.

i hope this didnt sound too pointless.


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I love the smell of clean

I love the smell of clean clothes and the stuff that comes out of the vent on the side of your house from the dryer. Theres even a candle that smells like that

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i read your title wrong and

i read your title wrong and i thought it said you were bad at titting anyways. that would be intersting...

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ahhhh, I love the dryer

ahhhh, I love the dryer smell (assuming it's not the broken dryer at school that has a tendency to scorch if you don't check it often......)