i finished itt :]

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ugh... barely 4PM and once again, i'm sitting at my computer with writer's block. three minutes ago i had several paragraphs typed up in my head. i absolutely hate that this happens almost every time i try to write.

anyway, on the way to the pool today, my grandmother and i had a long talk about ... things. we talked about feminine things, boys, and somehow got to talking about bars and the men in them. it was weird, yet i know it made her feel better because i haven't been spending that much time with her anymore and we were talking about everything.

shit. parents are pulling in the driveway. adios!
so, i'm sitting here at 10:20, disappointed b/c once again i couldn't finish a book in less than 24 hours. right now, i'm at 30 hours. ugh. but, on the other hand, I LOVE BREAKING DAWN! Yeah, i first got into the Twilight saga b/c of J. ... now that i think of it, i got into a lot of things for J. Theatre... Hockey... Church. Going behind her back for a guy she liked just so it wouldn't look like i was ... oh whatever. back to the book. Breaking Dawn made me want to become a vampire. and (if anyone hasn't read the book but still wants to/plans to, just stop reading right now!)

i'm just warning you: there are spoilerss.

Renesmee Carlie Cullen is probably the most adorable (yet dangerous) thing i've ever ... shit, not seen ... heard of. *whines* i want a baby of my own, just like bella has. one with amazing reddish brown curls, beautiful eyes (i don't care what color), and this amazing ability to touch peoples faces and transmit her (i want a girl) memories into their minds.

....hahahhahahaha, my dog keeps eating her foot. she'll be itching her head w/ it... lick it... and then slowly start chewing on it. hehe.

oh! i saw zoe today. for the first time in 2 years. we were at the pool, and i was on the balcony reading, and my little brother randomly says "i see zoe!" and i look, and she's looking at me. i know it's her, but for some reason i can't bring myself to go down and talk to her. so i sit there, reading, but i would keep looking up at her and see her staring back. three hours later, i'm reading (once again) when i get a text from her asking if i was at the pool today. i miss herr!


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I <3 BD. I stayed up all

I <3 BD. I stayed up all night to read it on the first day. I didn't finsh till like 8am, i was sooo tired.

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i still have yet to finish

i still have yet to finish it.
urgh. i'm still in awe about renesmee.