I hate hospitals!

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My sister T is 6 months pregnant and this morning she started spotting and cramping really bad. She called her doctor and they told her to come into the ER right away. So my dad and I go with her and when we get there they send us right away to the womens clinic. This lady takes T into this room and makes us wait outside and told us it would only be a minute. We're sitting out in the hall like freaking out, and you could hear little babies crying. I hate hearing babies crying! It makes me want to cry because they cry like its the end of the world and its just so heart breaking to hear it. We sat out in the hall for a half hour. And in my head I'm like she lost him! He's dead and I never got to meet him! Fuck life, thats not fair he didn't even get a chance!! But then the lady comes out and she said everythings ok, her cervix had some blood in it or something like that. I was like holy shit, thank you Oprah! (Oprah's god) So I haven't been that scared with something medically related in 3 years and it sucks, you sit there and think all of these horrible thoughts, but yet you try and tell yourself its all a dream and it'll be ok. And you sit there trying to be strong and not show just how scared you are. But she's ok and so is the baby. I guess bleeding can happen sometimes, but its never happened to her before.

And this morning,before the hospital happening, T asked me what I would do if I got pregnant if I was her age (18). I told her I would abort it, because the only way I would be pregnant at that age would be if I was raped. Then she was like I'm thinking about giving it up for adoption. I told her if she were to do that then I hope she gives him to a gay couple and she said thats what she wanted. I told her that I don't want her to give him up for adoption or atleast wait 2 more years until I could adopt him. I hope shes really only thinking about it, because I know her and she wouldn't be able to give him away once she sees him.


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im glad that ur sister and

im glad that ur sister and the baby's ok. i hope everything turns out ok in terms of what she decides to do with the baby.

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Oprah is God. Some of my

Oprah is God. Some of my friends and I have an invented religion called Oism which worships Oprah, Obama, and Oberst (Conor. Of Bright Eyes. Aka dreamy hot.)

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Blasphemy! Heresy! Witch

Blasphemy! Heresy! Witch Hunt!

How dare you worship such a horrible thing. Homos worship Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Kathy Griffin, Celine Dion, Kylie Minogue or Madonna. At least fags do... I'm not so sure about dykes...

Do dykes like worship beavers and stuff?

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Lol Azul, this one doesn't

Lol Azul, this one doesn't worship beavers... maybe cats though. ;) And Kathy Griffin is amazing! I love her, she's so funny.