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i'm getting very frustrated with myself.
i'll be sitting somewhere, usually out of reach from a computer and/or privacy, and out of boredom i'll type up a whole entry on this in my head.
and then when i sit down to type it, everything erases and some stupid shit comes into my head, so i can't vent as thoroughly.
but, anyway, my fish is slowly dying. his name is Archibald, and i've had him since a little before my 14th birthday. it'll be exactly six months tomorrow. i've fed it every day, and changed the water every couple days since i got him. my brother has this little habit of torturing the poor thing. he'll take it out of the bowl -- once he poked it with a fork or something and ripped a hole in archie's fin -- and watch it gasp for air. he also likes to put fruit juice, and today he put windex or something, in the bowl. archie had basically a seisure, then slowly passed out. he was still breathing and everything, but i know that whatever john put in the bowl is killing my fish slowly. i'm seriously frickin pissed. why is it that my brother and his friends find this amusing to kill a poor, random animal?
they disgust me. ugh. i mean, yes, it's a fish. - but still, you don't fcking watch something die just to watch it die.

and just a few minutes ago he said, "oh, shut up. he'll die anyway"
isn't that just a wonderful outlook on life?

and now for something completely different. :P
i'm going to kennywood (local amusement park) tomorrow with cousins + e + brother + my friend. i'm slightly excited. tomorrow is the fall festival, which means my highschool band & colorguard is marching in the parade. it also means J and L will be there. possibly G. and a few other friends'll be there. probably sucking face with their boyfriends. *sighs* i'm one of the only girls in my group of friends to still be single.

i talked to my ex the other day. i'm not sure if he has a crush on me, or is just plain dumb when it comes to talking to the opposite sex.

i miss G. ugh. i shouldn't be thinking about him now.

i saw a picture of J on facebook... one from her brother's album of camp... and almost broke down. i'm pathetic. but she's ... no. i will NOT think about her anymore. she's already shut me out nearly completely.

so, to get my mind off of Evil Bitch aka J, i'm going to talk about what i'll be doing the next 2 weeks
tomorrow - kennywood
saturday - community day ! ;]
sunday - i won't be doing anything that day. comm. day will have me basically hung over. (without the drinking aspect. i'm sXe.)
monday thru tuesday - family timee *sarcastic cheer* (but sexy E will be there!)
wednesdayy - paramore/john mayer concert!!!!!!!!
thurs - mon - school shopping and shit.
tues - first day of 9th grade/jonas brothers concert :P


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my fish is named Sushi. "I

my fish is named Sushi.

"I feel like Nacy Drew in the mystery of the midlife crisis."
-Roger Bannister
The Stepford Wives