I'm Alive!

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Sadly I am not dead, I'm still alive and kicking. I have this mysterious back injury that no one can figure out what it is, how it go to be, or how to fix it. I have ways to ease some pain using some good prescription drugs and my TENS unit.(1) I also go to physiotherapy two times a week which is starting to be a bit of a pain because they dont do much and I have a job so it is hard to scheduale. At physio all they do is put a heat pad on me (sometimes ice) and the TENS unit then do ultrasound (2) and occasionaly Tony stretches me but not always. All but one of those things I can do alone.
I now work at Value Village (3) which is pretty fun. We haven't opened yet so it's al training and stocking the store. We have to have enough stuff to fill the store 3 times over so we put stuff out then take certain things down put more out and stuff everything take some mroe stuff down. We've also rearranged several times where things are and put up more shelving.. I'm not sure how we can keep putting up new shelving without taking any down.. the store is already packed as it is. The hard part is getting used to standing all day (6+ hrs) - if anyone has any helpful hints I'm open to new ideas. My sister suggested the flimingo (standing on one foot for a few minutes then switching feet every now and again when i have to stand instead of walk around) and a few others that didn't work to well. I also got a good pair of running shoes.

Today i was thinking.. about being gay. I know sounds a bit weird but at times i have people that don't always believe that I'm into chicks cuz one and awhile I'll say things about guys. I think I'm allowed to say things about guys as well and be attracted to females without necessarily being Bi. i just call myself queer... I feel whatever I want to, towards whoever I want. The main thing is that I can't see myself in the future with a man by myside. I think about having a family with a women like when i think about my house and jobs and such. The funny thing is when i think about and picture a weddig I never picture someone else.. sometimes I'm in a dress on the brides side and sometimes i'm in a suit on the grooms side so i don't know what that may imply but who knows.. i try not to think to much into it.

1- TENS unit.. this thing with patches and sends tiny little shocks to wherever the pads are. I put mine on the scensory points between my thumb and forefinger
2- Ultrasound- no not one of the ones to see a baby. Basically same idea with the gel and a little wandy thing they move across my back to increase the blood flow.
3- Value Village- also known as Savers or Value du Village a second hand store, thrift store... it's really cool and all about recycling and charities and such.


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My parents didn't believe I was gay. But then we got that camcorder... stitched it up.

(adapted from a Jimmy Carr stand-up routine)
"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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