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music is life's picture

Last night I stayed the night at my friends house with another friend, i'll call them #1 and #2 because I'm feeling creative. We stayed at #1's house. And we got kinda bored at 3 in the morning and didn't feel like going to bed so we took pictures.I actually liked some of them that we took so i put them on myspace. Its rare for me to like a picture of me. And we also made chocolate chip and peanutbutter cookies. The pb ones tasted like shit, we put way too much flour in. We didn't have enough chocolate chips that the recipe called for so they tasted kinda plan; there was literally 2 chocolate chips per cookie.
Then today we layed out on rafts in her pool. I only put sunblock on my face, that was a mistake. My stomach is red. I guess I didn't lay on my stomach as long as I did my back so my back is a little pink and from my stomach to back is totally uneven. My chest has a red triangle that connects to my red stomach, i look soo messed up. My legs are red too and they hurt. I hurt everywhere actually. I don't even know why I layed out, I don't tan. I burn, obviously.

Oh and I finished watching the 2nd season of the L word. I love that show. Dana's so hot, so is Shane