:] kennywood's open! & a bunch of other boring things.

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i'm getting sort of depressed that summer is over in 2 weeks.
and i've only been to kennywood once this summer :[
i love kennywood. i really do. it's like heaven.

for everyone who doesn't live in pittsburgh or has never heard of kennywood, it's a very old theme park in the middle of, well, i guess it's a suburb outside of the city. it's about 110 years old, but is the coolest thing in the world ( to me, at least ). and now they've sold the park to some spanish or french company, which pisses me off because it's been family owned since it opened as this Central Park type thing in like 1898. and since 2005, they've closed the cute, older, original rides down (one each season) & opened up things like Garfield's Nightmare, a boat ride through pictures of evil food, (which sucks - the old mill was WAYYY better) and Cosmic Chaos, the stupid spinny thing (i miss the Magic Carpet!).

i can't wait for fright nights, though. fright nights=kennywood turns into a giant haunted theme park from the end of sept til nov 1st. my friends already have all of the cast(cute guys/girls in "scary" costumes that run around) as best friends. :]

which reminds me, i don't know if i should sign up for drama club or not anymore. i know erin'll be in that, but i'm not sure about my other friends. i also know J and her brother are going to be in it. her brother is already director or something. i don't know if she'll be able to deal with spending more time than she absolutely has to with me.

and another thing. L told me she was having second thoughs about being bi. she said that the girl she was in love with just wasn't the same... and i kind of melted. i know exactly what that feels like. for me, it was having my crush tell me the shocking truth about what kind of drugs she does back with her country friends. *sighs* i can't really change that now.

i miss both of them... and i shouldn't. i'm trying to ween (is that the right word?) myself off of my dependance on them.

in other news, that best friend that came out to me the other day admits to me now that she's everything but straight edge. and i'm beginning to think that my straight edged-ness will die soon enough. i don't want that, but it's basically unavoidable with my friends. one already said to me, "i have to take you out drinking, girl!" because i admitted the only alchohol i've had has been at family functions. ... but there was that one time w/ kristen that we both tried whiskey and nearly died. hah. we were like 11. my babysitter left to pick my brother up from basketball practice. heheh.

once again, in other news, i'm going to see the loverly paramore y john mayer (with the possibility of backstage passes). :] and six days later, demi lovato y jonas brothers. i love concerts!

i have a sudden urge to go curl up under the covers and watch rent.


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how ironic

I'm wearing a Paramore shirt right now!! I love them! And it is possible to not do drugs/drink when you'r around people that do them, I do it all the time, only if you really don't want to do them though. And if you ever decide to do them, make sure the first time you are around people you trust and don't go all out at once.