Listen to last year's musical soundtrack and cry.

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There should be a warning written on the cd that states so. i could probably do it myself. i probably should. im listening to a copy of the broadway recording of "thoroughly modern millie" that was given to us last year prior to rehearsals starting. and it just makes me sad, but also happy cos the songs are just beautiful, lush, broadway noise. but sad cos of the memories they bring up. i miss those kids. i miss that show. it also makes me sad that i missed out on being in the Grease cast THIS year. it hurt when i heard them doing the Quack chant after the show. The quack chant from mighty ducks was something i started with last year's cast, and we did it before and after each show to get us in the mood and bring us together. having a small cast means things get so tight knit and close, and i feel like the quack thing belonged specifically to that cast... it's a relic of our time lol it felt .... wrong... to hear it from ppl who dont kno what is behind it.


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i was in millie too. it was

i was in millie too. it was fun...

'Oh Brave New World!'
- Brave New World
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