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So I've been thinking a lot lately. About how I remind myself of the typical teenage boy, what I mean is I see a hot girl and I like start drooling. (not many other girls that i know of do that so to me its more common to think of guys as only doing it) Its bad, but good at the same time because I'm not in denial about it anymore. I don't even hide the fact that I check out girls anymore and some have caught me too.. I figure they might be gay to so I just take a chance. And I'm not gonna lie, i'm flattered when a guy checks me out, I'm not into him but just the fact that I've made someone check me out kinda gives me a confidence booster. I'm so comfortable around guys and my friends don't really know why, they're all like how do you just act so casual and talk to him so easily. Ugh they're blind. See the thing is when I'm talking to a guy and a girl at the same, I get nervous for her not him. I could care less what he thought of me, I want to impress her. I know what a hot guy is but I just don't get those butterflys in my stomach when I'm with a girl, ya know? But then I thought hey if I was straight I wouldn't have to compare myself to a boy, I'd be a normal teenage girl. Oh well I'm still a teenager with raging hormones either way.

Anyways... I saw The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 with K yesterday. It was good, a total chick flick though. I only cried once. :) There was only 2 guys in the entire theater and it was pretty full, you could tell their girlfriend made them come though. Ohmygod Blake Lively is soooo effin hot! I don't know how to put a picture of her on here.. i've tried copy and paste but it won't let me paste... hmm. Darn. I also saw Step Brothers today with T. It was alright, pretty funny. Not my favorite Will Ferrel movie though, his latest movies have kinda sucked, like Taladega Nights sucked balls big time.


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Eeeeek, yes she is!! Well

Eeeeek, yes she is!! Well now I'm going to have to go find a picture...cause that movie isn't out here yet. :P

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You remind me of a friend of

You remind me of a friend of mine, except she thinks, or previously thought that she was bi. Because she likes it when boys look. But she doesn't like boys like that. So we told her, that she's probably a lesbian. XD I haven't seen her since school ended for summer though. It'll be nice seeing all of my friends again at the end of this month. Even though I'm dreading school. |D

Also, I saw the first movie, because my friend dragged it over and was like "LOL watch this 8D" And I thought it was the most boring thing of boring ever. XD; I dunno, I don't like chick flicks. >_o; But then again, being that I'm a boy that makes sense. If it were me, I'd convince my girlfriend that Dark Knight is better. Or at least Wall-e, because Wall-e is adorable. XD

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I see a hot girl and I like

I see a hot girl and I like start drooling too.

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Yay I'm not the only one!

Yay I'm not the only one!