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Band camp. Deeeeeath. There was a heat index of 118 today, and I was lucky enough to be marching for 7 hours out in it. Band is pretty ridiculous, and I fail to learn just about anything from it anymore, but I'm sticking around just to finish it out in my high school career. Pffft, I'm such a tool.

There's actually a guy in band I think is transgendered. He's this real stoic, masculine guy, but he's raided ex-girlfriends' closets and even admitted to one of my friends that he likes trying on ladies' clothing and gets turned on by it. He makes a big show of hating gay people, which I think is a projection of his own insecurity about the incongruence of his masculine and feminine identities. I don't know, maybe I'm over-analyzing, but I REALLY want to meet transgendered people! I never have before.

I'm learning piano. I've ALWAYS wanted to learn! There ain't enough room in my house for a real pizzano, so I'm using a keyboard...and teaching myself how to play. As of now, it's insanely difficult.

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Back when I was younger,

Back when I was younger, there was, and still may be, a big difference between a transvestite and an actual transgendered person. Though transvestite is a generic term, those who self identify that way are generally hypermasculine straight (and often homophobic) guys who have a fetish for dressing up like women. They belong to a totally different club than transgendered people (literally, there are clubs). It may only be some kind of psychological denial thing, but it is a profound difference. Before I get the lectures on labels and political correctness, I have lived in P-town through several Fantasy Fests (which are for hetero TVs), and back then at least, they were most definitely a different breed (no pun intended). They hyperfeminize (to the extent that a truck driver can) when in drag, but would just as soon punch a fag in the nose once they are back in civvies. The first year I lived there, I hung out in drag with the FF people just for fun (I was 20. Sounded like fun). As soon as I told them I was gay, though, most began to treat me like I was something they had just scraped off the bottom of their shoe. Almost to a man (as it were), they all had the same narrow-minded misconceptions that so many straights have about gays, and they had no interest in learning otherwise. Yes, this was awhile back, and things have become more fluid, but I'm sharing my own experience to make the point that not all non-traditionally gendered people are necessarily gay-friendly. It's a weird wacky world out there, and some of it can be hazardous to your health. So just be careful, amigo - okay?.

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