My first entry. and it's not an intro. xD

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Hi everybody :D this is my first oasis blog post thingy. Actually, my first blog post anywhere. o.O

But it's not about me. It's about a song that I've fallen in love with, called L.E.S. Artistes by Santogold.

Santogold herself (an amazing artist by the way, check her out here: :D ) has said the L.E.S. stands for Lower East Side which apparently is in Manhattan, and the song is about the fakeness of today's rappers and pop stars and how much of themselves they sacrifice to be famous.

What I'm searching for? To tell it straight, I'm tryna build a wall.
Walking by myself, down avenues that reek of time to kill.
If you see me, keep going, be a pass-by waver.
Build me up, bring me down, just leave me out; you name dropper.
Stop tryna catch my eye, I see you good you force-faker.
Just make it easy, you're my enemy, you fast talker.

I love this whole verse. It fits me so perfectly...since lately, I feel like I've built an emotional wall for people to climb over if they want to reach me. I want to trap the people that could hurt me outside of it, like the name droppers, the fakers, and the fast talkers.

I can say I hope, it will be worth what I give up.
If I can stand up mean, for the things that I believe. x2

Gaining popularity is actually easy. All you have to do is sacrifice your individuality. But I too hope that being me and standing up for what I believe in is worth rejecting popularity.

What am I here for?
I left my home to disappear is all.
I'm here for myself, not to know you, I don't need no one else.
Fit in so good the hope is that you cannot see me later.
You don't know me, I am an introvert an excavator.
I'm duckin out for now, a face in dodgy elevators.
Leap up and suddenly I found myself an innovator.

This verse highlights the flip side of being an individual: standing strong on your own. I can relate to being my own best friend at times.

chorus x2
Well, that's my intellectual rant/analysis of the day. ^.^ I hope you guys see why I like the song, and hope that you guys go and listen to it.



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kewl. me likey the song, and

kewl. me likey the song, and intilectual rant/analysises(?) are fun!

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Welcome to Oasis!

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Hi! "I feel like Nacy Drew


"I feel like Nacy Drew in the mystery of the midlife crisis."
-Roger Bannister
The Stepford Wives

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Hello and welcome. The loos

Hello and welcome. The loos are down the hall at the right, supper is served at 8 o'clock, just after the 7 o'clock electroshock session. Please don't be late to either of them. Rent is paid the fifth day of every month, except every leap year's March, when it is paid the fourth day. Clean towels and sheets are in the basement between the precariously balanced pile of coal and the unnaturally big spider web. Shall any of the other patients bite, punch, or attack you in any way, please ask your closest psychiatrist for help.

Damn... I'm bored... please forget that welcoming, I just had an urge to write that. Anyway, Santo is the best... I saw her live in a small venue (in Philly).

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