Oh and an update i forgot xD

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well before i was hoping my grandfather would live well he didnt he died not even two months ago then about 2 weeks ago my Nana passed away so yea ive lost two grandparents in less than 2 months, Kryss and me also broke up we did a while ago Claire no long speaks to me and well me and my EX Jessica the one i was with for almost 5 years are back together. I love her, and im notgoing to deny that i didnt love the others but Jessica has been my heart and sould since i was 12, yea i know crazy to say i was in lvoe at 12 years old but its true. I'm now a firm beleiver in the saying "If you love something let it go, if it comes abck then it was meant to be." she came abck to me so we must be meant for eachother or im just a complete dumb ass who cant keep his heart straight. Either way im just glad ive got her back in my life.

My classes are going amazing i have
1.American Government
2.Weight Lifting
8.Court Procedures
and finally 10.another english that i have to make up xD.

yea alot of calsses and NO they are not all in the same day only the first 6 are the rest are my other classes i am taking throught the school year. Yea i ave got one hell of a year ahead of me not to mention ive still got to pass the reading portion of the FCAT AND get the required 2.0GPA for all my classes from all years which means seeing as i only have a 1.7GPA right now i need to get straight A's in ALL my classes if i want to graduate ontime with the rest of my class, getting my GED is NOT an option i refuse to be a failure.

on another more happier subject im going to be starting my therapy in december for transitioning! :D!!! yeah i found a therapist right over near me and she has worked with GID before so im happy maybe she is cheap too :D i can hope right??? lol yea i need to get a job first ive applied at sears and a few other places thats about it lol xD. ok thats it for my update i'll be abck with more soon im sure xD