Oh noes!

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Liam convinced his dad to give him his old camera (of awesome and fabulous) AND Liam just happens to have a computer handy with Sony Vegas 7.0. But Liam has NO IDEAS for videos to make and attack the world with.

This is where YOU come in. Can you help Liam come up with some ideas for videos? Or even ideas for coming up with ideas. Liam's brain has been dead for weeks and hasn't been spouting out waterfalls of random and creativity like normal. Liam thinks that someone must have put a cork in it, probably because they were getting annoyed by all of the nonsense spouting fourth. This makes Liam quite upset, as he enjoyed the lack-of-sense-making his brain did. And he doesn't want to end up with months of art block again, because art block sucks.

Also, for those wondering who "Liam" is, that's me. I have a tendency to jump into third-person.