On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being love it and 10 being hate it, how do you feel about spoilers?(movies, books, etc.)

13% (2 votes)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
6% (1 vote)
6% (1 vote)
13% (2 votes)
13% (2 votes)
13% (2 votes)
13% (2 votes)
25% (4 votes)
Total votes: 16


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I post this, because last

I post this, because last night I went to buy Breaking Dawn by Stephenie "the cockblocker" Meyer, and I wanted to pull a "dumbledore dies" and spoil parts to random people waiting in line. I would've done it to, but I chickened out. I was just curious to see how other people felt about spoilers, cuz I love them, so I would've been happy if someone directed me to the best pages, and told me a little bit of the plot.

So yeah share your feelings...


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5. Neither love nor hate. I

5. Neither love nor hate. I mean, after all, the plot is not the best part of almost anything!

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As long as it's still worth

As long as it's still worth reading the literature.

I mean, spoiling a 2nd grade level mystery book would obviously ruin the whole thing, it would make it useless to read.

Spoiling Queer as Folk (I know, it's not literature) didn't ruin it at all. It relieved me.

Spoiling the Grapes of Wrath would basically do nothing also, seeing though it's such a deep and complex book. i mean, yea it ends up with Rose breast feeding a man to keep him alive, but there's so much before that. I never actually finished that book...

I guess it just depends on whether or not the story relies on something other than the climax.

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I think the more complex it

I think the more complex it is, the less damage is done with spoilers. Take War and Peace...there's a complete synopsis in some versions.

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i admit, i love

i admit, i love spoilers

honestly, i'd rather know all the plot points of things before i read/watch them. mostly because i'm convinced that the plot of a story is the least interesting part. i'd rather look at how that plot builds, how characters grow, how props and lighting are used, stuff like that. so really, getting the plot out of the way in the beginning is a plus.

of course, everything i read or watch, i do multiple times anyway, so i could just spend the first reading/viewing focusing on the plot. but really, who has time for that?

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I guess it's not that big a

I guess it's not that big a deal for me. I've actually been known to go on Wikipedia and look up the plots of books or movies that I'm not especially into but that most of my friends have read/seen, just so I'll know what they're talking about. :-)

This reminds me of a funny experience I had, though: last summer as everyone was gearing up for Harry Potter 7, some friends were discussing book 6 (I'm assuming its plot is fair game now, so spoiler-haters take note), and since I'm not a huge Harry Potter follower that's how I found out about Dumbledore dying. However, when i asked my friend D, "Wait, Dumbledore dies in the sixth book?" she asked if I'd read the book, and when I said no she said, "no, he lives."

I felt a bit cheated later when I read a synopsis and discovered she was lying! :-)

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On the rare occasion when anyone here turns in one of their book/DVD reviews, I invariably end up removing comments about the ending. I hate when people mention it. In a recent movie review here, ALL of the press materials I was given about the flick said something about the unexpected ending... but it's like, I may not know what happens, but I think it sucks that I'm now expecting something unexpected... there was no reference to any such thing here.

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