Passive-Aggressive Drama Participation!!!

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In spite of (and excluding) the fact that I woke up wishing I could run away and join the circus (well, one that sleeps in, I guess) to avoid ever having to wake up that early again, I had a pretty good first coupla days of school.

I got to meet up with a bunch of school-friends, which was fun.

The French teacher's new assistant is a university student that speaks more French than she does, and I asked a complicated question which made him look something up in a book, so I either impressed the pants off of him or made him think I was a precocious pinhead. Preferably the former. He's sort of cute.

My locker is way over in the middle-schoolers' end, which I was really looking forward to never having to see again, on account of the people who built it having forgotten to allow for lockers when determining the width of the hallways. Between classes it's total gridlock. It sucks.

On the my way out I attracted the attention of one of the undeniably entertaining and wholly dramatic drama teachers at our school. Our conversation went like this:

"We're having a..."--and she's doing her 'hint-hint' face, here, you know--"..we're having a senior mmuuusical in . Hint hint, wink wink."

"Well, I don't know if I--"

"Of course you do! I am going to twist your arm and make sure you do it and that is that!"

This was not an exaggeration.

Apparently they need a male performer (of which they are desperately short--they always, always are) who can sing for the senior (as in grades nine and up) production of what I've heard from somebody to be musical rendition of "A Christmas Carol".

Not to braaaag or anything (don't be silly, of course I'm bragging!), but I won a drama award (certificate) for a bit I did in the junior Cinderella musical with a rather stunning majority of the votes. Also I don't get dramatic and whiny around the stage makeup. As a result, Mrs. Drama likes me, and really expects me to sign myself up. So do most of my friends.

There's a verb in this wonderful dictionary of made up words called The Meaning of Liff, the definition of which is something like "Allowing yourself to be persuaded to do something and pretending to be reluctant.".

I can't for the life of me remember right now, but I really wish I could, because it's spot on and I'd be using the crap out of it.


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try and find

try and find it:

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