Planned parenthood car accident with a hint of dream woman.

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Today I went to Planned Parenthood with my friend, Stephenie, to inquire about birth control (for her... duh) It was pretty interesting. They were really helpful and friendly, and birth control for people under 18 is 50% off. Isn't that crazy? I was just blown away by how cool that was...

Then I backed my car into a dumpster and smashed the tail light... I'm so stupid. My Dad's not really that pissed... so that's good. And it'll only cost about $50 to repair so I'm happy.

Summer has been really strange lately. Stephenie, Summer, and I made a list of things to do before summer's over, and now that summer's coming to a close, Stephenie and I really want to finish it. Summer was all weird and didn't want to do anything with us today, she said that it had something to do with her older brother going to college... Who knows? But with this new school year comes the potential for new GASP! love. I know, how sad. I mean. If you think about it, there's very little chance of me finding someone I'm compatable with. But hey, a girl can hope! Right???

Have a great day!!