Random little things from my summer...

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The first little thing was that my family and I went camping for about a week, which I suppose was fun, because I brought my headphones and was able to cheerily and aggressively block the world around me whenever we weren't swimming, (which was fun).

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against nature. Just the bugs.

I left the campsite with a satisfied feeling in my gut that me and the electric bug-zapper-tennis-racket had helped make the world a better place.

The second little thing was going to Edmonton with my family to see some old friends, which was a blast. We went to the Ex, stayed up 'til two laughing at people we knew, had a really wonderful time.

Third little thing:

Me and a friend, as a result of the wonderful and rather shocking randomness that just begins when we're in the same room as each other, became (just don't ask. Just...don't.) evil geniuses. We have a race of flying llamas, and convinced another friend into liking cassettes with a brainwashing plunger we stored in our secret lair.

Because, really, who doesn't miss cassettes? If you don't love cassettes just a little bit, you have no soul.

Little thing the fourth:

I watched an illegally procured (well--just illegally downloaded; I don't know why that seems to make it better, but it does) copy of Brokeback Mountain on the computer, and had the first proper cry I've had in a few months. Like, ugly, shuddering, weeping cry. It wasn't pretty. Maybe I'm just emotionally fragile. I sort of like sad movies.

I've had arguments about whether "emotional" movies or "action" movies are better with the same random friend. Whaddyou think?

Little thing No. 5:

I became a shameless Doctor Who addict. I have mentally prepared myself to become the subject of a family intervention any day now.

I reeeeeealy got used to sleeping in, but I've been over the grieving process, and have now accepted the terrible and inevitable fate that is returning to school.

Not really. But comedic hyperbole is one of the things I love in life.



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Brokeback Mt. will

Brokeback Mt. will definitely do that to you. i can't watch it anymore it makes me cry so hard.

i really hope you canadians are on a serious season delay, because i hate to tell you this darling, but....*deep breath* no more dr. who till 2010.

i know, i wanted to kill them too...

Leave you alone for FIVE MINUTES!

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I know.

And anyway, the season delay (which is significant--we've only now begun to see previews for series four in Canada!!!) doesn't really apply to me, because I illegally procure those too. :)

"Politely rude. Briskly vague. Firmly uninformative"

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No Doctor Who?


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how about emotional action

how about emotional action movies?