Senior Project *Dies*

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Heh well its my senior year(again) and well im more than likely going to do a Documentary on a Female to Males transexuals transition from comming out to SRS(Sex Reasignment Surgery). right now im going to trya dn get it comfined by my English teacher as a sutible topic, im ging to use the good old "Im trying to educate the world" excuse to get it approved. The project has to be of something that we find interesting and that is relevant to our own lives. So what im going to do is make a movie :D interviewing FtM's maybe some MtF's in my area and of course some Les/bi/gays to get a glimps into how the gay community feels torwards the transgender community, show how life is for us. but yea thats what im going to do ive also got to write a 10 page paper on it aswell xD FUN!!! not....... -___- lol

So yea tell me what you think of my idea.



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Sounds cool

That sounds awesome, and like a very good project topic. Also, if you need any text interviews (because you couldn't interview me on film, 'cause I'm far away), I'd be happy to oblige.

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