so ive recently discovered...

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my face is crooked.

yup. the entire left side of my face is lower than the right.

my ears are the most noticeable, with my left ear visibly lower than the right. (making it quite difficult my entire life to find sunglasses that fit me properly).

then my eyes, my left eye is also visibly lower than my right.

and to top it all off, my nose is kinda crooked trying to make up for everything and going mildly diagnal across my face.

*sigh* im crazy


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My face is crooked too. I

My face is crooked too. I think everyone's face is probably a little bit. XD Don't worry about it.

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Maybe your left leg is just shorter than your right?

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eh, nobody's face is

eh, nobody's face is symmetrical anyways.

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My smiles crooked, sort of.

My smiles crooked, sort of. Its not terribly odvious but i don't like it. I've found that the more you look in the mirror the more you find stuff about yourself you don't like. And I can't wear those little earphones that fit right into your ear drum thing because they always fall out.

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imperfection is what makes

imperfection is what makes all of us.