sweet momma t.

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(title = inside joke from church camp)
momma t = what the orgasmic (what a friend called him) marcin called mother teresa during his speech for invisible children. .. my friends and i say "sweet momma t!" if we're really angry, but for some reason can't swear.

anyway.... agh.
why does it seem that every time i find someone worthwhile, something has to be wrong with them?

with j... well, we're not getting into that.
with g it was his nymphomatic behavior that pissed me off.
L was a cheater, and i couldn't deal w/ watching it.
and now, with ... err... i need a nickname. E, who is amazingly yummy and into almost everything i am musically, has just decided to inform me about his smoking habit. and his love for anything else illegal for 14 year olds/americans. (aka: drinking/drugs)

true, he'll only be in town for a week... but seriously.
why?!?!?!?! the closest thing i'll ever have to a summer romance
(yes, i've dated in the summer before.. but i was either dating them during the school year or something dumb like that)