Swimming, basketball and boobs

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I couldn't think of a title, and well to be honest its true.
Yesterday was a weird day for me.. So at lunch I realized how one of my friends completly changes who she is when she is around different people. And thats not cool.
In gym class we are swimming. I like to swim a lot but not the kind of swimming we did Friday. The teacher made us swim for 10 minutes doing laps. It fucking sucked. And I now realize that I am a weak swimmer. If you tell me to run 10 suicides, fine easily done. But if you tell me to do 10 minutes in a pool doing laps, not fine and its harder for me. I think I'm going to use this as a goal though, to get better at swimming because I think swimming uses more muscles than running does. I just hate the fact that I wasn't very good at it and how I am more out of shape than I thought I was.

But thats going to be changing soon because we got a new basketball coach (the old one was forced to resign because he slept with a student..allegedly, but he totally did it.) There was an article in the newspaper about this new coach saying how if your not in any fall sports be ready to do early pre-season conditioning. This coach is a total baller though, she's coached at a university and she was a top 10 player in highschool. And she is also rumored to be gay, but I think that might be because she's never been married and she isn't very feminine looking. Doesn't matter to me either way, I just hope she's better than the old coach, which won't take much.

My math teacher has nice boobs. And I just so happen to sit in the front row in her class (she made us sit alphabetically) She is one of those teachers that likes to walk around and be moving when she teaches. Which is great for various reasons... But bad because I get distracted and I really don't want to fail math. I can't even imagine if my crush sat in front of me. I hate sitting in the front row of class, but its probably for the better in this case..


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Running ten suicides is

Running ten suicides is easy?! Man, sign me up for your fitness program. On second thought...please don't! =] All I need is a relaxing bike ride through the countryside every couple days. Ahhhh.

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Fitness? Fitness is for the

Fitness? Fitness is for the weak! Or, rather... um... yeah, never mind. I'm happy with my sedentary, piano-centric lifestyle, thank you very much! Harumph, all you athletic types making us look bad... *grumblegrumble*

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I was exagerrating a little

I was exagerrating a little bit with the 10 suicides. I probably would have to commit suicide after I did them though. :)

Fitness is for the weak? lol. Your icon is awsome btw