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wooh.. britney spears.. hahaha .. ahk.

I'm so pleased with myself. I did a network search on facebook of my highschool (I'm such the facebook creeper!) of women who are interested in women. and then who are interested in women & men. Of course there's like, 6. Including me. But under the women&men one I saw the girl who was my best friend preschool-1st grade. but she goes to a different highschool. And I was of course like woah when did this happen! So I went to her profile-edit-mini-feed (again, facebook creeper I am), and she changed her interested-in section the day after she added me as a friend. Yay! I think I inspired her [= And maybe I actually have a chance with her.. But I don't have any feelings for her besides old-time friends. I should probably text her and say we should hang out in town, but ugh. She's so skinny/pretty/worldly/i havent seen her in years and years and years.

What to do.

I love ignoring boy. It always results in him calling me<3. He can't come to my birthday party. Psh. At least I'll be less self-conscious now. But I haven't hung with him since July22nd!! ZOMG. I need to see him. Cause I need a kiss. And a hug. And my ring/his shirts he's giving me!! Jeez.

I binged yesterday. But I'm over it & moving on. Imagine that.


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My friend and I did one of

My friend and I did one of those things too, and we found another friends dad on there. lol. It was weird, I haven't been able to look at him the same since. We're not going to say anything to the other friend though because could you imagine how embarrasing that would be..

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Haha thank god my mom sucks

Haha thank god my mom sucks at computers in general.

You mean you found he was interested in men too? Well.. hopefully he will tell his children himself since he's already told the world on facebook O.o

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No he wasn't listed as

No he wasn't listed as interested in guys, it was women. lol. We thought it was bad enough to even find him on there, i don't want to even think about what it woulda been like if he was interested in guys, not that thats a bad thing but I know my other friend wouldn't be able to keep her mouth shut about that.

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Ohh I get what you're saying

Ohh I get what you're saying now. That is kinda sketchy.. hmm. && I'm glad my parents don't have facebooks haha.