The Chronicles of an LG

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Today I worked for roughly 8 hours. The first part sucked, I was running off of 9 hours of sleep (I know, I know... It seems like a lot to you. I could have gone for another 1 or 2 hours).

Anyway, I worked with two new people today. One I loved, one I didn't talk to, nor did I like her.

The first one, the one I liked, was named Kyrstyn. She's 16, just like me. She has a brother that works at the same place too. He worked with us for the later part of the day. I think Kyrstyn has a crush on me. Or we just have apparently good chemistry...

Then we had two turks (foreigners, obviously), they took about an hour, forty minute dinner break. I didn't even like those two anyway. I accidently let "damn foreigner" slip when one of them was around once...

Then I was flipping people off the tubes at the catch pool for the slide, because well I got bored. Then this stupid guy, I had flipped him, told me straight up in such an imperative manner, "That was unnecessary". There was about 5 seconds of chit-chat argument and he left. That put me in a crappy mood.

Then an hour later, this family was leaving and this women came up to me and told me, straight up, that the guy was just negative and didn't know how to enjoy fun. The kids fucking loved me doing that and the parents didn't mind that much either. That guy that reamed me out was only with his wife too, now children. They were sitting in the shade too. I didn't understand any of it.

SO! The other chick, Debbie, I think, was a moron. She skipped over this kid, because she didn't want to work at the slide so many times. The kid was up there for like 2 fucking hours because Debbie is such a fucking dumb cunt. She's also a foreigner, and unfortunately foreigner=dumbass at the place I work.

Anyway - I started out at the lagoon. I hate the lagoon, I can't stand it. It's basically a 2 foot deep basin where little runts just go to basically sit and crawl around. We yellow flagged it (left it unguarded) for the later part of the day. There was also the main lap pool, which had transformed from a pool to a pond. There was tons of chlorine neutralizer in it, so the chlorine level was near .2. It should be around 5 I think. So we closed that, but then the water park's manager told us to open it. It was still green though.

We also had this two 'gals that were too big for the ride. So they sat up at the top and made all the kids follow the rules, it was so cute!

I like my job for the most part. The lagoon and the dumb fucks are pretty much the only negatives.

Minus the shorts... The first stitch already came out in the crotch and the second stitching is starting to come out too. The second is the last one. Pretty soon my crotch seem will cease to exist. They're also too big, 4-6 inches too big. You see, I'm borderline kids sizes, which means I don't usually fit into adult size small. i'm extra-small.