They're gone!!

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My dad and his wife just left for North Carolina. They're going to this place called Biltmore Mansion. Its like some mansion with a beautiful view and I think its like made into a hotel or something. And aparently I have family in NC that I never knew about until now, and they're gonna stop by and see them. All I care is that they're going to be gone for like a week and he left $500 for my sisters and I. But my dad needs to be back by Tuesday so i can get my license. Its like an 8 hour drive they said and they're not going all the way in one day, so that means one more day of freedom! Ugh I wish I was born a week earlier so I could drive to a friends house right now, but no I'm stuck at home while both of my sisters are at work. I hope my dad comes back refreshed and happy because he's been an asshole lately. He does need a vacation though, he works hard and he deserves a break. I can't believe I'm going to say this(type) but I hope they don't get in fights there. Only because it would ruin the trip and I want it to be good for my dad.

On another note, I had a guitar lesson today. We played Louie Louie, well sort of because I can't really play yet, atleast I don't thinks its right for me to say I can. I honestly can't believe that I had it in my head that I could pick up a guitar and be amazing at it. How stupid. And to all of you people who can pick up an instrument and play Mozart or something grand right away.. FUCK YOU! No not really.. I'm just extremely jealous. I can't wait til I learn my first song. My dreams are moving faster than my fingers will though so I think I have a bit more to go yet.


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you can pick up a guitar and

you can pick up a guitar and be amazing at it! Follow the dream!

And those people who can play sonatas on 15 different instruments needed to practice for a long time anyways.