two days and counting + wonderful news from L.

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today is my last night of freedom before i start highschool on tuesday. and i don't think i would have made it this far without an anxiety attack without this website. :]

i have to finish my stupid ass homework tomorrow. agh. my english teacher already knows that i didn't do it yet. :P thats what i get for having him as a neighbor.

i'm horribly nervous about seeing J and actually having to talk to her in person. i'll probably just walk the other way... i still miss her, though, for some reason. i can probably connect anything back to her. like.. i'm wearing a RENT shirt. RENT was the first musical we watched together :]

so tonight, my two neighbors, Kris & Lyss, and i were sitting in my driveway and talking... and we get on the subject of exes. combined, kris and lyss have about 40. and then they got into their crushes, starting in preschool, and it took from 9:15 until 10:30 for them. i didn't get into mine (thank god) because mine would be very akward to talk about. if i mention J around them, i have to be careful not to sound too in love. Kris doesn't like her. mainly b/c J broke my heart and talked shit on me, and Lyss just doesn't like how J handled my coming out to her. (lyss still thinks of herself as the first person i came out to. i guess it's a big deal or something to her :P..)

... L is dating M again. she's so freaking STUPID!
"i love him. like you love j. like angel and collins."
she should NOT have said that. now i'm very pissed. how i she feels about M is NOWHERE near how i feel about J. or how Collins felt about Angel.

...i have to go before i explode. cus i know she'll make a fight out of this.


OH! one more thing. i was thinking about staying over my cousin's house soon and possibly coming out to her. i might use oasis to tell her :] like.. i'll post a blog that's a letter to her and show her.
^Good idea or bad idea?


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If you're going to be there when she's reading it, may as well just tell her.

If you're worried that you'll chicken out, just tell her you have a secret to tell her that night or something, so it's harder to get out of...

But, if you need to, the site's here.

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