university makes me cry.

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i had the worst fucking week last week. i hope to god the coming week will be easier! so many wankers in my drama classes... but in 12 weeks, it will all be over.

so grease has come and gone (i was assistant director), as has my crush on danny zuko. the poor kid is so mixed up, i just dont need that.
and speaking of mixed up kids, A is in one of my theatre classes. sooooo not liking the awkwardness of our first class, so i messaged him "hey, it was good to see u today. (inane comment about how nice our lecturer is)."
so hopefully he will get the message that thinngs should be cool and that it would be nice to be friends.

there are so many cute guys this semester tho, i love them! there's a really nice guy, he's kinda cute. AND i met a guy up at theatre, he's nice too. so the drought's end is on the horizon lol THANK FUCK!

oh and Ohhhh myyyyyy goooooood i read, "The God Box" by Alex Sanchez. what a lovely book! it was so lovely. i didnt like it at first, BUT, the more i read on, the more i loved it. manuel is such a sweet character, and paul reminded me of me when i was 12/13. so it was nice. the ending was a bit contrived, and i couldnt help thinking how perfect it was that the first openly gay boy to come to paul's school helps him to come out, and eventually becomes his boyfriend, but i didnt mind anyway. so nice, so sweet.