wandering thoughts

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so i havent posted in a little while. felt the need. omg i read the first post i wrote on here and stuff. i love going back in time reading old journal entries. like i read one from my sixth grade english class today.it was a weird experience. i dont know how to explain it. i had a lot smaller view of the world back then tho. my world is still small but its getting bigger.

so i watched "in the land of women" today. i dont think it was a big hit. i think it came out last year and it had adam brody and meg ryan in it. the girl who played the high schooler was hott and blonde. i sound like such a straight male. i guess that happens with lesbians. anyways, i actually liked the movie. i think i remember it getting bad reviews. idk. so anyways. one of the reasons i kind of wanted to watch it was because it was set in michigan. mi casa.

so i really liked obama's speech yesterday. i didnt really watch all of the democratic national convention's coverage. i just kind of like to hear what other people think about it. not that that's a good way to form an opinion . oh well.

and since everyone else is posting about school i might as well. first day was wednesday. quite interesting. i was almost late to class twice. but its ok.