what is really the point? i have no idea

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do i really need my ovaries? can't i just get rid of them. eh too expensive. then id prolly go into early menopause. not fun. whats worse: cramps or hot flashes? that is the question.

why is it that we can't have a volleyball group that meets more than once a week. i dont think it fulfills my addiction to volleyball to meet just the one time this week.

im also addicted to watching michael phelps go for his 8 golds in one olympics. i've never really cared to watch the olympics before. for some reason i feel the need this time. i was concerned i wasnt going to get home in time tonight. my patheticness.

tomorrow i have to get up early and its not for work. not fun.

i put on sun block and i still got burnt. stupid sun. well its not stupid. i guess i should've reapplied.

ok so i officially stopped caring about what i eat. i think its going to be easy mac for me for like a semester. then i'll switch to ramen noodle. id prolly do that but i get tired of eating the same thing over and over. i used to cook meals. no more. i think that was just a phase. im just too lazy. or lezzy. either way. doesnt make a difference.


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Hormones. Your hormones will

Hormones. Your hormones will go insane. You won't be able to eat as much, you'll have moods, you may become slower, fatter, stupider. It's not like if you take your ovaries away that will happen for sure, but there's a huge possibility it does. That's why menopause comes later in life, when your body is better prepared to deal without their guidance.

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Well atleast with hotflashes

Well atleast with hotflashes you will be nice an toasty all winter.

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