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[This should be pretty relatable for everyone going through HISS (homework induced stress syndrome).]


i am a wheel, i go around
and around around and around around and around.
crooked grooves run down my black body
like cattle brands or bar codes;
men with greasy hands tell me i’m efficient,
i’m sorry, but i’m just ugly.

have you ever showered in oil?
greasy, scalding, and miserable, i run like a dream
beneath the ass of a ferrari,
it’s more like a nightmare,
but the wheel turns on.

turning, turning, turning,
i move in circles so others can move places,
i’m sure the leather seats are comfortable.

i am tractable with traction,
submissive to speedometers,
oppressed in the midst of high octane.
i am always moving, and most times i don’t know why,
or where i’m moving to.
i guess i’ll keep spinning
until i pop.


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*nods* Wow. I am impressed,

Wow. I am impressed, as always, by how well you put words together. Beautiful.

"When the people begin to reason, all is lost" - Voltaire