...with my radio...

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i'm completely sore all over, and it's totally worth it.

i just got home from kennywood. today i spent all day there, and was running around a lot. i saw J today, and broke down. i'm not sure if it was the shock of seeing her for the first time in three monts, or just the fact that she acted like i didn't exist. everything i had built up this summer came crumbling down when i saw her smile.

... i'm so pathetic. my crush is almost a year old and it hasn't gotten anywhere.

and, to make things better, my parents have been talking about my wedding since i got home. i don't even know why. i don't want to get married. and i hate dresses.

*sighs* i can't even get G to agree to hang out with me.

today with E & the cousins sucked. he didn't fking talk at all. and all he wanted to do was smoke. i felt uncomfortable.

so now i'm listening to Hawthorne Heights and missing Casey's voice on their new album.