And I don't wanna fall to pieces, I just wanna sit and stare at you..

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Why do I find Avril Lavigne so hot? I don't know anyone else who agrees. Hmm. WTF there's a new Metallica album. When did this happen and how did I not hear about it?

Mainstream musical nonsense aside. First XC race today. My time was uh.. 31:05 (Really bad). My first mile time was 9min exactly so I guess my middle one was the worst. But I finished before 2 girls on my team so I was happy about that I guess. (Even though they are a frosh & a soph). The freshman girl was crying after. I actually before today found her to be the most rude and manner-less girl. But I guess seeing her defenseless side made me like her. I ran my cooldown with her and tried to comfort her and give her a self esteem boost and teach her to stay positive. I sounded like some crazy professer giving an excited lecture. But its like.. I know where she's coming from. Out of all the girls on the team I'm probably the most experienced in the thinking-you-suck/no-self-esteem field. So I can maybe help. It was weird though because she's very outgoing/stuck up. Blahh hard sport.

Boy got like.. 21 min. Fuck men.
I hope I can improve my time Wednesday! I'm gonna push myself as hard as I can.

I was a lot less nervous this time (though it wasn't a meet so there were a lot of girls. Wednesday its just our school and our "sister" (rival) school. Scary. Just.. standing on that start line and waiting for the gun makes me wanna cry. After about half a mile I can actually get into it and start loving it, even if I'm on the lower tier. And boy watching... Uh that ups the nervousness a lot. But I think I kept my nerves under control today, for the most part =].

I've had such a good friday & saturday =]
Friday it rained all day so (of course we always have practice anyway. no matter what. unless "houses are flying". haha)
But its good 'cause I like running in the rain. Before practice boy & I usually hang out at the track. I'm the only girl who really talks to the guys so I think I look like a whore. Its like the girls team. Then the JV guys team & me. Ekk oh well? =P
(OH! unrelated. gymnasts have nicee asses)
Anyway we spent really good quality time together. And I looked cute ^.^ It was really gooddd. It was raining. We got soaked. Somehow that adds a mood. I'm not sure how but it added a good mood. Then at practice I broke my mile time twice. after that it got progressively slower.

Then later that night at the game I braided my hair in two braids which he has never seen heh. And I hung out with boy most of the night. that was really good too. At one point we just stood there looking into each others eyes smiling for like a full minute. and then he slowly brushed a piece of hair out of my eye. like seriously WHAT IS THIS WHY ARE WE NOT TOGETHER. ha humm =]
I also met this really cute college girl who drove her little siblings there. She was russian & the accent was hottt . we had a lot in common so that was fun

got home late. went to bed. woke up at 530. left for the race at 630. (still so dark out >.<) talked to boy alittle bit but had to go warmup & stuff. after i ate the best apple i've ever had & got coffee (oh how I have missed you coffeee<3)
then I watched the guys finish. boy is fast. & sexy. sexysexysexysexy.

after he finished i said good job or whatever and high5ed him and he hi5ed me and interlocked his fingers with mine so we were sort of holding hands for a minute. i wasnt expecting it.
then we just kinda sat together and listened to bob marley (random).

I really want him back.
There's nothing I want more.
But it seems like working for that would be .. uh theres 2 words for it and i cant remember either. the opposite of beneficial i guess.
maybe i should be patience?



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Your journal reminds me why I quit XC

Yay for good days!
I always hated the moments before the gun was fired to start the race. And the first 1/2 mile sucks, its so clustered. I got spiked by some bitch at the beginning of a race one time. It hurt like hell and I got to run the rest of the race with a bloody leg. I never ran the cool downs either I always walked or just cut it in half and called it a day (then again it was always easy to get away with stuff like that cuz there was only 6 of us on the team and 2 of them girls)
And gymnasts do have nice asses, and bodies in general.

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Wow. So much for noncontact

Wow. So much for noncontact sport.

I'm not fast enough to have to worry about that..

wow our team is about 30 girls.

Yes. yes they do.

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You find Avril Lavigne hot

You find Avril Lavigne hot because she IS hot. I totally went to her concert last March(?) solely to see her. and I made a sad attempt to memorize all her songs (or at least the choruses) just so I could sing along =)

I remember when I was in elementary school, and it was one of my first runs where many schools came together. When the gun was shot and the race began, some girl pulled on my hair!! PULLED on my HAIR!! I remember seeing that same girl get tripped the next year - I laughed the whole way as I ran =) Nearly peed myself!

Gymnasts do have nice bodies. However I must confess that one of my favorite parts of high school was definitely the track and field meets. Girls girls GIRLS galore with absolutely beautiful, fit bodies running around everywhere in tight and/or little shorts =D

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what a bitch haha karma! she had it coming

i do find a lot of them very attractive but i often don't think about it that way and i think it has to do with the fact that they're all so god damn intimidating ahaha