are you proud to be gay?

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Are you proud to be gay? Pride tells a lot about people. Their feelings, insecurities, attitudes about life... and with the whole gay pride movement... I'm just curious, of all the peoples on oasis, what most people would answer and why.

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... and just in case it doesn't go without saying, I mean any kind of LGBTQ-ness. Not just proud to be "gay" but proud to have the sexual identity you do.

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Effing proud. No matter what

Effing proud.

No matter what people say, this is part of who I am and I wouldn't ever change that. I used to be so insecure, but since I came out to myself and my parents and closest friends, I have so much confidence.

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No. My sexuality makes me


My sexuality makes me incredibly nervous.

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No. I'm proud of my personal

No. I'm proud of my personal achievements, and I feel that being gay is in the same line as hair colour, nationality, height and driving skills. Either you're born with those attributes, or you're not. Now, I'm gay and I'm OK with that, but I can't be proud... it's not like I've done anything to be gay and met my goal.

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I don't think I am since I

I don't think I am since I find it so difficult to tell anyone.I sort of start shaking at the mere notion of trying to tell someone else.

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Definately. At first I felt

Definately. At first I felt like it was a curse - just another thing to make my life harder. I feel completely different now. I feel proud that I can have feelings for someone regardless of their gender. Love them for their heart & soul & all that jazz. *Shrugs* It makes me feel positively in tune with myself spiritually and also made me very tolerant and open minded, so.

Okay I don't know where I'm going with this but i find being bi to be great XD

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" Proud " is too strong a word...

But I'm quite comfortable with my sexuality and I like the distinction it gives me from the rednecks I live amongst. I'm just that much more frightening to them because of it. :D

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Hm thats hard. I want to say

Hm thats hard. I want to say yes! I want to say I can go around school like CeCe in "Keeping you a Secret" with my "I have a queer concious do you" shirt but I think I would be (im almost said imbarrist and that is wrong because I wouldnt be imbarrist!) scared. Of what I don't know, the comments of other people. When I got my first girlfriend I wouldnt kiss her in public-only because not a lot of people knew we were dating. If I had kissed her at school I would have been really scared. I told her that I had to tell my parents or I couldnt be "out" with her at public because i had family that went to that school and THEY would tell my parents. She wasnt comfortably with that. She didn't want her mother finding out. So we never kissed at school. But now...after all that. I think that I really wouldnt have a problem having a girlfriend and kissing her at school. Telling people I'm gay is always really weird for me but once the whole "telling them" bit is over I'm ok with it
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Hmm. I'm not proud to be

I'm not proud to be gay. I am comfortable with it; it's just a non-issue for me.

I am proud of the self-discovery it took to come out to myself. I'm proud of a lot of the things that, for me, come with being gay. I'm proud that I am out, despite the fear of rejection.

But proud of an attraction to women, or a lack of attraction to men? No.

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Yes. I have an amazing

Yes. I have an amazing superiority complex that is entirely centralized around my sexual orientation.

Honestly, it's just another facet of who I am, I wouldn't describe myself as 'proud' per se, but I am glad that I'm at a point in my life where it's not something that I'm ashamed of or feel compelled to hide from people. I'm pretty damn comfortable with myself.

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When i think of the word

When i think of the word proud I think about having achieved something but being gay is something i was born with but then there are those people who are proud of their good looks and most of them were born with the looks/developed them naturally.
I'm not normally afraid to be "out and proud" i wear rainbow, talk about and check girls out freely and i'm not afraid to ask other people not use the word fag or use the word gay to mean stupid.
So yes, and no.. depends on how you look at it.
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I dunno if I'd say "proud"

I dunno if I'd say "proud" but I definitely love who I am. :)

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If the choice is along a pride/shame scale, then sure, pride is fine.

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i accept who i am, but like

i accept who i am, but like 5thstory said, being proud of being gay is like being proud of having a certain hair color....

i'm comfortable, how about that?

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kinda. i'm proud of who i am including my sexuality, but i'm not like, extra proud of being bisexual, or anything.

Bisexual by nature. Absolutely fabulous by choice.

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I'm proud of stuff I do, Achievements and good qualities. I don't see being gay as an achievement, or a good quality. It's kind of just there. I could be proud of being gay and out(If I actually was out), but I'm not proud of being gay.

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I'm gonna have to agree with

I'm gonna have to agree with Neutrina; I'm proud of the self-discovery it took me to come out to myself. I think its more being proud of who you are as a person, not just one part of it like your sexuality. But I do think you can show your pride. I hope one day (soon) that I'm completely proud of who I am and not hide it.

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Um, hello guys, just because

Um, hello guys, just because you're born with something doesn't mean you can't be proud of it. I'm proud of my...well, we won't even go there. xD I'm proud of my strong build; I'm proud of my piercing blue eyes. And I'm proud of being gay. It makes me so different from everyone the ways that I talk and act and think and even write. Hell, being gay has even made me popular! Everyone knows me since I stand out so much and am so open about my sexuality. Being gay is the best thing that has ever happened to me, yo. Damn straight I'm proud. I mean...nevermind.

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oh hellz to the nah.

pride is a weird concept anyway, but i am definitely not 'proud' to be gay, you guys should go back and find novacat's response to this from a year ago. his opinion is the same as mine, just better elaborated.

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I am proud now, ask me when

I am proud now, ask me when I was 12, I hated myself. Now I am part of every LGBT group on my campus, and I have my group of friends to remind me to like myself. My parents know, but they ignore the fact and they volunteer for things like "Yes on Prop 8" (They went on to put up a yard sign and bumper stickers on all of our cars including what the fuck right, I'll let my parents have their opinion but shit leave my stuff alone.)

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i'm BI.

therefore, i am half normal.
anyway, bi girls are the coolest and sexiest girls in the world. not like "pornstar/gay-for-pay bi"... i mean girls who are genuinely bisexual and have the capacity to be physically/spiritually/emotionally/sexually connected to a person, regardless of their gender. it's a beautiful thing. i am open to finding love without automatically denying half of the world simply because of their gender. i'm lucky.

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It's interesting reading all this.

It's interesting reading all this. I feel like, since I didn't choose to be gay or bi or whatever the heck I am, I can't be proud of it. I need to work hard for something to be proud of it. However, I do feel like I can be proud of how I deal with being different, and be proud of emotional/spiritual growth associated with it, and increased open-mindedness, etc. And I think I am.

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"i'm open to finding love

"i'm open to finding love without automatically denying half of the world simply because of their gender." WOOT! i must do my happy dance now! *dances like a wounded chicken* that's exactly how i see it!

Bisexual by nature. Absolutely fabulous by choice.

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not yet, not quite

...but I haven't even been out to myself a full year yet. I'm hoping to get to "yes" on this question soon!

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Uh... yeah. and by the way, did anyone miss me?

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lets put it this way. i'm as proud of being gay as i am of being left handed, having brown hair and brown eyes, and a black guys ass! hahahahahahahahahaah i win!

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Im extremely pleased to be

Im extremely pleased to be what i am. Guys in romantic situations plus me makes me extremely nerves and isn't very appitizing usually....

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