Bullocks. Just plain Bullocks.

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My flight yesterday from PIT was at 9:30 AM with American Airlines. That got delayed to 12:00 AM. Fucking bullocks. That meant I missed my connection flight. So I obviously didn't go. They transferred me to Continental, connecting through CLE at 5:00 PM. 7 hours in a god damn fucking airport, with no ride back to the house. Fucking shit. Then they delayed the CLE flight 'til 5:40 PM. Fortunately I could make my connection even with this delay. Then they fucking cancel the flight! They had a fucking flat tire. Apparently they can't replace a god damn flat.

Right, looks like I'm fucked. There's one last EWR-BTV flight, no LGA-BTV flights, no JFK flights and no CLE-BTV flights. SO they put me on the 2:30 PM EWR flight. I know, what the fuck. It's around 6:00 PM, and they're putting me on the 2:30 PM flight. Well that had been delayed for about 5 hours. It got in at 7:10 PM. We boarded so fucking fast, it was incredible. Wheel's up at 7:25. I had it worst off out of everyone.

I had to run all the way to the EWR-BTV gate. I got there just at last boarding and just barely made it. Wheels up. Going home.

I got into BTV at 12:00 AM. I got home at 1:30 PM.

I spent 16 hours getting home yesterday. I spent more than 10 hours in PIT and I spent less than 5 minutes in EWR.

How was your day yesterday?