Eighth-Grade Boy Fights For Right To Wear Makeup

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HAMILTON, Ohio -- An Ohio teenager is fighting for his right to wear makeup at school, but school leaders said it's a distraction.

"They're gender stereotyping. He's being sexually discriminated against. Nowhere in the rules does it say that males can't wear make-up" said Mindy Ball.

The Hamilton mother said she stands 100 percent behind her son, 13-year-old Matt Allsup, an eighth-grader at Garfield Middle School who wears black eye makeup, lipstick and fingernail polish, NewsChannel5 sister station WCPO-TV in Cincinnati reported.

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When we were in Year 9 we

When we were in Year 9 we were fighting for the right to wear make-up too.

He does look distractingly ugly. His eyes are like piss holes in the snow, as a friend used to say. If he wants dark eyes he should use a grey/ charcoal eyeliner and pencil in his eyebrows. And only under the eye, not the lids. But I hadn't worked that out when I was 13 either.

I don't understand why a boy wearing makeup is controversial. He's not even wearing a feminine style of makeup.

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Personally I think the whole thing is stupid! Why should it matter? Its like when you see a guy walking down the street and hes wearing pink and you think somthing along the lines of "o wow is that a guy wearing pink" and then you feel ashamed with yourself for being so...rude is not the word but its all I got at the moment. What I am trying to say is why should there be a diffrence of if its a girl or a boy. They souldnt be able to control is in this manner. Like when I was in 6th grade they wouldnt let any of us where make-up or dye our hair "unnature colors". what I want to know is why is it any buisness of theirs? A distaction is the excuse they use but thats a load of cock, its somthng they pull out on these occasions even though it really makes no sence at all.
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Such a tricky age, 13....

Such a tricky age, 13....

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Oh yeah. First hand

Oh yeah. First hand expieriance talkin'. Um, I don't wear make-up though. I'm not really like that. And I'm still mostly closested.

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As a tranny, I'm prone to

As a tranny, I'm prone to being sensitive to this kind of stuff and I tend to get opinionated fast. I'm probably resurrecting a dead topic, but what the hell. I'll do it anyway.

Ok, now, as someone who's battling for his gender identity, I can understand why this could be extremely frustrating for the boy--if he's actually trans. From that picture alone though... I'm not getting that vibe. If he's aiming for feminine he's going about it all the wrong way. I think more likely, he's looking to make an image for himself. Sexuality, gender identity, and whathaveyou don't seem to be playing a role in why he's doing this.

And I could be totally wrong.

Regardless, if he is trans or gay or whatever, there's a better way to express that desire to wear make up and that's not to make it so godawful "LOOK AT ME I'M DIFFERENT!" Realistically speaking, his thing he's got going is hella distracting and seems to be a cry for attention. Like I said, he wants to wear makeup, fine, just tone it back a bit. No different than if a straight guy dyed his hair flaming pink--it'd be a distraction. I'll bet anyone anything that if he wasn't pulling the goth-rebel-without-a-cause look no one would be on his case.

That's just my two cents on the matter.