Gender Identity Project

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I need some help. I'm doing a project on Gender Identity Issues in children. I need some good sources of information (they must have an author, and a date!) I mostly currently trying to find information/stats on how having a child with gender identity issues can affect the rest of the family. I know siblings can get ridiculed in school, and theres tension in the family and a million other things but i need some actual stats or research....
Post anything below.
The project is mostly about transgendered people but does include genderqueer, intersex etc.

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All I know about is the

All I know about is the really theoretical stuff on gender that we're reading in my university courses - Judith Butler's "Gender Trouble," for instance, or "Doing Gender" by someone I can't remember. They're dense and sometimes very tedious, but they talk about how gender is learned and performed rather than intrinsic to the individual. Sorry if that doesn't help you out much.