George Hathaway Taber: My Grandfather

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That funeral was something. There had to be over 200 people that showed up. So many people I had never seen before.

I couldn't keep myself from shedding tears though. Especially seeing the box with his ashes or seeing the picture on the funeral pamphlet. I don't care if it was a "celebration of life"; it was still sad.

I didn't know how much my grandfather changed people's lives though. He revolutionized the health care industry of West Pennsylvania, and especially Pittsburgh. I couldn't believe how much he's done for the land conservation movement either. But the thing that touched my the most is how much he loved Blue Hill, Maine: my grandparents summer home. I didn't know how much he loved his family, or how he loved people so much.

Everyone liked the man; especially his humor, though it could be dry. I especially loved how he and I had this running joke about me being a vegetarian. You see, my grandmother is rather conservative; she didn't like the fact that I'm a vegetarian. So when my grandfather gave me a check for thanksgiving (yea, my family gives out money for Thanks Giving), he told me to, "Go buy some vegetables with that." So whenever my grandfather sent me money, I would always put in my thank-you notes, "I bought plenty of vegetables Pa Pa."

I still can't believe he's dead. It'll be a week tomorrow.


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My sympathy. Your

My sympathy. Your grandfather sounds like a wonderful man.

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Every sympathy. God Bless.

Every sympathy. God Bless.

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you have my sympathies.

you have my sympathies. *hug*
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My sympathy. It is difficult

My sympathy. It is difficult when a great man leaves.

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