I came out!!! Again!

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I came out to my friend Sara! She's really cool about it. We got to talking and she said how she's been attracted to other girls but like guys more. So ya I totally called that one! I told her how I kinda thought she was bi. She said she was really surprised about me (I wore a rainbow belt today!) Damnit and I thought I was acting more gay. But ya shes ok with it and said how this will probably make our friendship stronger and stuff cuz now I have nothing to hide from her. So now someone at my school knows I'm gay!! Sara said now when we go to the mall we'll have to go girl scouting instead of boyscouting. Ha! I really hope I can be there for her when it comes to her figuring her sexuality out and stuff cuz been there done that.
We talked about how some of our other friends would be with me coming out and I think I'll be ok with the majority of them. If they're not cool with it them fuck them. But ya I told her how my goal is to be completely out by the end of the school year and she said she'd help me out with the whole school part. So ya now I have someone to spread the rumor for me! And she said how she thought my dad would be accepting and stuff. so thats encouraging.
I'm really fucking happy right now and proud of myself.

In other news....
My aunt from Ohio is here visiting my Grandma who came here from Missouri. And K is here too from college.
I went to the mall earlier today and got a swim suit and goggles for this season and I got a couple of shirts and underwear. I love shopping. The swimsuit I got has to be a one-piece, its not that ugly for a one piece. Its black and white and the back is all open and looks pretty cool with the way the strings are. And it makes my ass look good so I'm satisfied. The open swims are every tuesday and thursday so hopefully soon I'll be more in shape. Sara's on the swim team too and by the time the meets start I'll be able to have passengers when I drive so I can drive us and others to eat before the meets. I'm pretty stoked for this season.


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Wow that sounds amazing,

Wow that sounds amazing, your really lucky to have a friend like that. I miss that you know? Just having that one person you feel like you can tell anything to and do anything with. Now I have a whole group of friends I'm not sure how to deal with..huh strange. So your really lucky, she sounds like a really great person and as for your swimming it sounds like great fun.
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That all sounds really cool!!!Congratulations!

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Sounds great! I want to be

Sounds great!

I want to be out to the whole school too. As trans. I'm so sick of this female/male show I'm putting up for everyone. But it's hard. Good luck. :)