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I've fallen in love with Frank Sinatra. I had never really listened to his tunes prior to a few days ago. What prompted me was the list I had constructed detailing the songs I needed to obtain to rebuild my music library (Rootkit killed the whole Windows Installation. No possible recovery of the installation was at all possible). While I was doing it, Papa, my grandfather, popped into my mind. About 3 years ago, while in Maine (We go there every year, our family summer home there. We've had it in the family for like 70 years), my brother and I were in "George's Oval Office" (The name for Papa's office) and we were searching through some stuff (pictures; he has the most beautiful family pictures) and we came across his iPod. We looked through it and there was a lot of Sinatra. So I decided I should add that to my list, after all he is a classic.

I think it'll be a good remembrance of my Papa. He's not dead yet, but as much as I really hate to admit this, he's going to die soon. I probably won't see him before his death either. He doesn't want me to see him either. He goes to bed at around 2:00 PM and has a feeding tube. You see he has cancer, his third run in.

Then there's that letter-men style BeBe Orchards jacket (We used to have a family orchard in Washington, but we sold it to Dole).


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He does have good music that

He does have good music that Frank Sinatra :)

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i like Mack the Knife.