I F#&@ing Hate You.

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i wanna make a band called 'I F#&@ing Hate You.' yes, dingbats and all...

we'd only write angry songs about stupid things we're pissed off about. idiotic things like missing a train, or getting dumped by a date, or the morons on tv or in government class....

things like that.

and we'd have a pop-y indie type sound that sounded all happy and cheerful until you actually listened to the lyrics and then you kinda want to kill yourself and your dog...

and we'd all wear hipster clothing, like thick plastic glasses with artificial lenses, and tight flannel shirts and girl jeans and hair that looks like we haven't seen a barber/comb/shower for years, and be disgustingly pretentious pricks who supposedly don't care what people think...

and all the kids will love us until some bastard comes along and markets us and then all the kids hate us, 'cause we're 'mainstream'...

and then we'll have a video on mtv that will play ad nauseum for two weeks, four if we're lucky, and our 'debut' album will top the charts and then we'll fade into oblivion....

then fifteen years later, vh1 will do a special "Where are they now?" and i'll be some tattooed vegan who lives with her girlfriend in either a.) some commune somewhere and smokes a lot of weed or b.) an aging hipster who owns a coffee shop and still sells albums and doesn't talk to her fellow bandmates....

i really do want to start a band called 'I F#&@ing Hate You.' and write angry songs about petty offenses though....


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Well, you'd get a lot of

Well, you'd get a lot of people who'd relate to your music. That's an interesting idea.

Might be borderline farce, though. Depends how angry you make it.

"When the people begin to reason, all is lost" - Voltaire

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I hate it when people change

I hate it when people change their fan-status based on if the band is popular or not. Whats that quote? Something like Quit being a fan, never really were one? Not referring to change in personal taste, but to people who just try to be on the cutting edge of new music, not really caring if they like it, then dump it when its mainstream 'cause apparently once a majority recognizes its ''good'' it automatically becomes bad?

My favorite band is still blink-182. They helped me through so much shit for the majority of my life so far, so.. =] Most everyone I meet hates them, just because they're not superdeathmetalhardcoreholyshitfuck. Oh well.

Umm. I like your band idea. & coffee shops. yay =D also when people are jamming out to you on their iPods their friends will be all "What are you listening to?" and they can reply "I F@#$ING HATE YOU!!"

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sounds like a plan. awesome

sounds like a plan. awesome name. too.

and missing trains sucks.

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I wanna be in it!!! But ya

I wanna be in it!!!
But ya that sounds kick ass. You should totally do it!

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God, can I join? Sounds like

God, can I join? Sounds like my kinda lifestyle.

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I want to join! That'd be

I want to join! That'd be amazing. And when the music hit the radio waves, people would be like "WTF" at the upbeat-sounding song with lyrics about pissy stuff.

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I actually love songs with

I actually love songs with upbeat music and depressing lyrics. I would listen to your band. Sadly, I wouldn't have enough personality to be in it. I would be the one slouching around the back, saying, "yeah. I hate you, too. Or whatever."