I stumbled out the door.. of room 21..

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He gave me three of his old shirts.
They all smell just like him.
My favorite scent in the world <3 When I hold one up to my nose and breathe in it smells like love swirling into my lungs.

Ah everything is so cruel yet good =]

Best XC time so far was 28:22 on wednesday. Meet tomorrow. I'm shooting for 28 flat, but I heard this course is actually 3.2 miles as opposed to .. 3.14. Yes, sadly that's stressing me out.

I need to beat my time.

I went to another GSA meeting. I mean I'm totes behind gay rights and completely interested in the issues. Clubs just tend to suckkk. Its all "later this year we'll do this"

Ugh just fricken do something already


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yay i am not the only one

yay i am not the only one who loves smells of special people =]

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Haha definitely not, its

Haha definitely not, its heaven =]

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I always sucked at X-C. I

I always sucked at X-C. I couldn't get passed 22:15. I should have been below 20:00, maybe even below 19:00.

I'm very bad at pushing myself. It's the best though when you see people huffing and puffing, maxed out at T-Pace and you're just kind of the floating around at Level 2.

I'm doing X-C next year.

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Pshh if 22 is bad then I'm

Pshh if 22 is bad then I'm failing miserably ahha. But I am going to keep on running after the season ends all the way until next season. With winter track & summer practice in between. So as a senior I'll probably be muchh better, and actually able to get JV medals. (And by then I'll be in much better shape because I'm so not falling back into the whole binging/depression shit this winter. It kills)

I'm actually good at pushing myself, but you'd never know 'cause I'm so slow haha. But I'm pushing myself at my MAXIMUM slow speed =P

Yay! good for you =]

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Well you are a female and I

Well you are a female and I am a male. Men generally are faster.

Are you running with spikes? I didn't run X-C with spikes, but I can track with spikes. Spikes can take a good amount off your X-C time. Possibly 2 minutes.