I was in an accident

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I never thought it'd happen and I never thought it'd happen this way. In all my wildest dreams I never thought I'd be the person to rear-end someone. I thought that if i ever got in an accident it wouldn't be my fault and it wouldn't feel like this.
This morning driving from physio to school crossing a really busy street that goes into a turn. I was paying attention but obviously not enough before i could think about what to do i found the guy ahead of me stopped and not enough room to stop. I slammed on the breaks to try and began to brace myself. "BOOOM" i hit him. we both plled over to the side and i called 911. I was scared, somewhat panicking and very sore. I ended up going to the hospital in the ambulance mostly for a pre-cautionary thing because i have a previous back injury. Spent several hours at the hospital where my parents met me. I'm fine but am very sore. When i got hom a police officer took my statement and he didn't want to fine be but he has to and he felt really bad about it. He kept apologizing. Because of the licensing system here and the stage I am in it I run the risk of being suspended however because of who my dad is in the community and who i am we're trying to get my careless driving down to a following to close... which means a court appearance. I'm scared, sore, tired and have a huge headache. I'd like to believe the whole day was just a bad dream but sadly it's not and I have to live with this for the rest of my life but hopefully someday i'll feel better about all this and hopefully this will all work out fine.
And the other person is fine just a sore knee. (incase you wanted to know.)