I'm bored entertain me

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I should be studying for a biology test but I'm not. Blah oh well.

Theres a hurricane named after me and its spelled the same way even. I hope its not disastrous like Katrina was.

And I've noticed somethings about the girls I crush on while I was sitting in ceremics...
-the majority of them have brown hair (brunettes are my weakness right now)
-they're either really preppy or punk
-they tend to be either a loner or stand out in a group
-we're friends but not good friends (ugh that really suck to like one of your good friends)
-Ikeep them at an arms length because I don't want to fall for them even more
-dress good
-nice smiles
-have nice boobs
-they have something that I can't explain that just draws me to them

And I made an ass of myself in front of my bio teacher, I asked him if we were going to study evolution and he was like ya. And then I was asked if he was going to get into the other beliefs like Christianity. And he was like am I a preacher? Ya I didn't think that one through very well and now I feel really dumb, which I hate.


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It's early days yet. I wouldn't worry about your bio teacher.

*does tap dance to provide entertainment*

"When the people begin to reason, all is lost" - Voltaire

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i basically fall under all the traits of girls u crush on... but ur too young for me, so fuck that. teehee...
i remember the evolution unit in my grade 12 bio. when we had our class field trip to the museum, on our lunch break me and 2 other kids snuck away and walked to this underground sex-shop... good times.
in public hiskewls in Toronto u never have to learn about religion. my skewl didn't even have an optional religion course. i believe in evolution, even though i'm pretty sure Judeo-Christian and Muslim people are supposed to believe that G-d created Adam and Eve. once a little boy asked my reform rabbi if dinosaurs are Jewish and she said no.