INAH3: The supposed gay gene

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Researches have seemed to of pinpointing the gene responsible for sexual orientation. Researchers feel that the gene is simply not an "on/off" switch, but instead extremely variable. Researchers also don't feel that the gay gene exists in a variable spectrum between heterosexuality and homosexuality, but is all encompassing of sexual identity. Researchers have theorized that short INAH3 genes signify heterosexuality, though no research was mentioned about sub-sexual identity in a heterosexual world. They also theorize the tail end of the INAH3 gene (INAH3 RT) accounts for the sexual identity in homosexuals. A long INAH3 RT="bear" like and a "bent INAH3 RT="drag" or feminine.

There's also theories going around about whether or not this gene will evolve. Some feel there will be a "super-gay" gene; a gene that would be responsible for a quadrupling in the homosexual demographic (40% or 5.6% depending on your statistic). Some even go as far to say that these effects will actually somehow create a better world. Eco-friendly cars, a super charged economy and the eradication of the word "orphanage". (Source: XY Magazine, edition 49)

I find the INAH3 gene and the sub-identity tail, INAH3 RT, to be quite fascinating. This evolutionary change in the gay gene and the eradication of our "problems" seem a little bogus to me though.

So what's your INAH3 RT like? I'm not sure about mine. Mine's on the longer side of things, though that could be from other genetic sources (my family is hairy -,- and I also have an extremely low fat content. Not characteristic of a "bear"). I'm thinking mine is a little bent, I am kind of feminine. I'm not a fem-bot, I'm just kind of feminine...

Note: the article said nothing about dykes. I'm starting to feel that I'm either self-closeted from dykes or that researchers don't care about the lesbians.


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That's pretty interesting

That's pretty interesting stuff there. Though I'm pretty skeptical about it. But why do these people keep acting like lesbians don't exist? It's a little annoying because I want to hear about that stuff too.

But if they can identify this gene, they'll probably be able to tell parents if their kid is gonna be gay or not. And that's just spooky.

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it's not as simple as the

it's not as simple as the existence of the gene. The physical appearance of the gene is an indicator of sexual identity, and the fact that this is on a superficial level means that the complexity of sexual identity is far beyond our realm of understanding currently. There could be billions of variances in the genetic code of just this gene, especially because the gene doesn't take on a set appearance.

This is also just a study that's not concluded. There are many credible studies that point to the levels of estrogen that a fetus encounters while in the womb are a factor in sexual identity.

Genetics are rarely ever simple. Simple attributes such as hair have over a hundred gene dedicated to it. To think that sexual identity is as simple as the INAH3 gene is a folly.

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I didn't say it was simple.

I didn't say it was simple. I know genetics are pretty complex. That's part of why I'm skeptical. But if they get this all concluded and whatnot, one thing people can look for are patterns. This many gay peoples genes look like this, and straight peoples like that. And with that they could probably take a guess at it. What scares me is what parents would do knowing that their kid might be gay.

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But then a lot of people

But then a lot of people that are anti-fags are also conservative Christians against abortion. Like Palin. My guess is that they would want to keep the human genetic code intact, or at least free from human tampering.