It's true, we're all a little insane

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So I went to Homecoming on Friday. The game wasn't bad, I didn't watch it but we won. All I did was make the rounds and talk to everyone and it was pretty fun. We didn't go to the dance (thankfully) instead we went to this girl Jen's house and were gonna go into to town and drop her off at her boyfriends and have him buy alcohol for us. Well on the way there Jens boyfriend made some comment like if he's going to buy us alcohol then she was to give him pussy. We, literally, turned around in the nearest driveway and went back to Jen's house. It was me and 4 other girls there and we just walked around and then at like 11 Jens sister drove us into town and we went to walmart. Well on the way out there were these 2 guys and Sam said hi to them and we start talking and everything and then he was like "I don't know what you guys are into, but I'm having a party and theres gonna be free roles of ecstacy there" Sam was like alright whats your number? (I wanted to beat the shit out of her) So we get in the car and they start following us around. And then we raced them on the strip in town. That lasted for about 2 hours. ( I didn't even know ecstacy could be roled, and I'm not even sure if I'm spelling it right)

Sara told me how her and Sara were talking about Jen's shitty boyfriend and her bad taste in guys and Sam said how her and Sara and me have good taste in guys. Sara said how she was like laughing inside (I'm not out to Sam but am to Sara) I feel bad, like the "secret knowingness" is great between us, but I feel like I'm having her lie for me in a way. I don't want her too.

On Friday I was talking to a friend and she was saying what kinda guy she went for and then she finished talking about it and was like standing there waiting for me to say what kinda guy I like. I didn't say anything and just stood there. It was awkard, but I'm not going to lie about liking guys anymore and I've pretty much kept that promise to myself. I think I'm acting more gay. I wear my rainbow belt a lot and have gotten compliments on it, people say they love it and how they want to steal it. I want more rainbow stuff, at first I thought I would have to cut my hair to be more gay, ha not happening I like my hair long I want it longer actually.


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i want to cut my hair short, but as much as i would like to, it's cut it and have my throat sliced..

i would be killed!