Life partners.

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There is a 19 yr old guy in my drama class who calls his boyfriend his partner.

That's cute, but also I find it a bit strange. I always thought 'partner' was a word reserved for middle aged lesbians and cowboys.

But then I thought, he used partners and gender unspecific words until we found out he was gay, so maybe it was one of those issues. Like he wasn't too keen on letting people know.

Then that made me start to analyse how 'gay' I am. Because since coming to university, I've made a point of not hiding who I am. A point to myself I mean - I'm not marching in there in a rainbow flag and hotpants. But if someone asks, I tell them. I talk about gay topics. I make gay jokes. It isn't as issue, but I enjoy talking about gay thingds, because it's part of who I am and I don't think I shouldn't NOT talk about it.
But am I drawing attention to myself and my gayness? I don't feel like I am, but I hope it isn't seen as that.

God, I really don't want to become desperate. Because everyone is living the lifestyle I want. I feel caged. I want to break free, to quote Freddie. I really want to break free.


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The person could just be

The person could just be simply androgynous. I myself am slightly androgynous; I'm feminine, yet masculine.

The individual might also feel that gender constraints such as, "girlfriend" and "boyfriend" don't fit him very well. I personally like masculine words. I don't like gender neutral, two-spirited or female words applied to me.

Androgyny is not something you realize as a concept right away. At first, I didn't grasp it fully, because I haven't ever associated myself with the female gender or a neutral gender . I associate myself with the male gender completely. You see, gender is much more than legal. It's really gender identity.

Note: Androgyny is not the same as transsexuality.

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I don't think that you

I don't think that you should feel the need to worry that you are "too gay".I think once you are being yourself it is fine.So what if you talk about it and crack jokes and stuff....being gay is part of who you are so obviously it will come up in conversation and as part of your everyday life.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt