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I want to get some things written down. I'm not even pretyping this in word like I usually do, to check for errors and what not.

I'm a severe worry wart! Over the top. My sister gave me a great idea...get a second job, work more hours, and between those jobs, my impending internship, and school I won't have enough time to worry! Doesn't that sound great!?!? I mean I even have the motivation to do that now, besides the pay.

Anyway I had an awesome day today. I did great at work, and I actually enjoyed it. I got to spend time with my favorite aunt, so close she's like what my real mom should be like. We had a good time. I then spent time with good friend 1 for the first time in like two weeks and we had a great time as well.

I feel so good right now because I feel like I've got a game plan. Get a second job, worry less, take control! Of course its not that simple but I'll work something out.

Gosh...I need to stop for now though, I've got it all out of me for now.



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WORD OF ADVICE!: sisters

WORD OF ADVICE!: sisters never give good suggestions, in fact when i give suggestions to my sister i usually do it to sabotage her, so don't get too worked up. as suggested by u'r namesake and the fact you usually pretype in word, perhaps thinking TOO MUCH is the cause of u'r worry wartedness! who gives a fuck if you make typos or spelling mistakes? do you think we'll think youre less smart because of it?! we wont!

you've got far too much going on, cut down on work concentrate more on school, and i'll give you a cookie. oh, and do more of this getting things off u'r chest'll ease u'r pressure...a little.

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You know I support

You know I support workaholism.

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens