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I joined GSA today. Yay I guess. I joined mostly to be in a club, so colleges don't think I'm a fucking idiot. There are about 7 members.. I actually don't think any of them know I'm bi which is pretty funny. But nobody asked so *shrugs*. I would have joined last year but Teacher X is in charge and I really... dislike her. Ekk. But whatever I'll get over it. I get this stupid feeling that she gets satisfaction out of the fact that I joined her club though. Which is annoying somehow too.

At least I got to avoid boy. I've been depressed. It wouldn't have gone over too well. His mom apparently ''extremely dislikes" me? She seemed nice enough on the phone. She told me when he would be home and I didnt even ask. And I told her congratulations (about being pregnant) and she seemed to smile when she said thanks. Of course she's had years of experience as a woman faking niceties. What's to dislike!? I'm a good person. If anything its always the guy who's the seducer in the situation! The guy! (haha i think it was mutual.) Ugh I'm just paranoid the woman (intelligent, actually kinda a MILF) thinks I'm a stupid slut..
Why am I even thinking about this?

He has my ring. And a pile of his clothes he was gonna give to me but his mom wants to give away. But I think he's gonna try to give them to me. If he can handle doing one fucking thing for me this week.

But hey at least I've kept my grades up while not feeling happy. Except I got a B on my AP Gov quiz. Which basically means I now have a B in that class. grrrr