My dog got killed...

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... 3 weeks ago and my mom neglected to tell me. My sister and brother went to visit her this weekend and T was telling me about the trip and she was like oh ya Lily got killed. WHAT?!
Lily, my dog, got into a fight with the neighbors dog and tore it to shreds I guess and the neighbor shot Lily. Which I don't blame him, but I'm still pissed because that was my effin dog. I loved her. She was a yellow lab. Really lovably and friendly, almost too friendly. She was the type of dog that you couldn't help but like cuz she was so sweet she always wanted to be petted. And she was like over 60 pounds and was a total lap dog.

When T was telling me this I was tearing up and she was like omg don't cry thats so stupid. My mom should've told me and I'm pissed that she didn't. This is one of her ways of getting back at me for not living with her. I'm so sick of her mind games, she's the fucking parent act like it. Well mom you get another point because you made me cry, congratulations. You win. I hope you're happy because I'm not.


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I'm so sorry your dog got

I'm so sorry your dog got killed! It must have been awful to hear about that so suddenly. *Hugs*

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That is horrible. I'm

That is horrible. I'm really, truly sorry. =/ *internet hugs*. I can't believe the type of person who would shoot a dog. It's SO not stupid that you were crying, you have every right to. Dogs are the sweetest creatures. You can be a less than kind person and they will still love you to pieces. I'm really sorry =/ I'm sure she loved you.

I think this is really cute & I watched it a couple times when my puppy died, but if you don't feel like crying right now don't watch it.
[its religious but i find it sweet anyway]

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Oh, God. That's horrible.

Oh, God. That's horrible. *hugs*

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That's so sad. Labs are some

That's so sad. Labs are some of the best dogs. I have a golden retriever and I don't know what I'd do without her.

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Thanks guys. And

Thanks guys.
And fatefellshort that was really cheesy, but cute. I liked how it was called Rainbow Bridge

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I'm so sorry. I'd feel awful

I'm so sorry. I'd feel awful if someone shot one of my cats, or if one of them died and my mom didn't tell me. I love all four of my cats to bits.

My mom plays mind games too, also because I won't live with her, so I know how that is. She actually killed a pet fish once. That was really sad. :<

I'm sorry for your loss, I hope you feel better soon.

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fuck... that sucks.

i am sorry too. i love labs, they really are one of the sweetest kind of dogs. when i was really little, there was this movie called 'all dogs go to heaven'... it was a cartoon, it was cute. my grandpa's family used to have a dog named queenie, and their neighbors poisoned her and she died... but this was back in the 1940's and they probably did it as an anti-semitic thing. cruelty to animals is retarted... yet so many people do it. that's why i adopted my cat from the humane society. he was a victim of neglect by his previous owners.