No Child Left Behind

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So I visited with my Aunt from Ohio yesterday. It was pretty good. She's really cool, when I was younger I would wish she was my mom and not my aunt (ugh looking back on that I realize how terrible that is...)
Today I saw my Grandma from Missouri. That visit didn't go too well. The last time I talked to her in person she told me that when my mom kills herself its my fault because I moved to my dads. And one of the first things she said to me today was "Wow, boy have you put some weight on" I wanted to be like FUCK YOU!! I just went to get a physical and I'm 5 ft 4 and a half in. and weigh 126 lbs I'm not fat and I know it!! God she's such a bitch. But I don't want to end this with saying bad stuff about her (i'm always paraniod that when I say something bad about someone they'll go die or something.. weird) So I told her to e-mail me to let me know she gets back safely and she said she would. She's not that bad but sometimes she has these terrible little comments that make me want to cry. So heres me not ending this bad about her: She's pretty for a 77 year old.

Tomorrow and for the next 3 days I have the No Child Left Behind testing (Fuck you George W) and if I fail this test I don't get to graduate until I pass. SO ya no pressure. I've passed all the other practice tests but knowing my luck watch me fail the most important one. :/


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I get so sick of people

I get so sick of people calling themselves, and each other fat. Especially when they're not. It's just like SHUT UP.

*ahem* anyways, good luck with the testing. I should probably go sign up for PSATs but I really don't need the stress of test taking on me right now. >_o; oh well.